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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 17:14:54 EDT

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    >>We've been hearing how unethical it is for YEC to cast doubt on the Christian spirituality of OECs and TEs. How about the other way around?<<

    It is hard to tell from short quotes exactly what someone is doing. Using YEC, OEC, ETC. as a litmus test of someone's merit as a Christian is replacing the Gospel with something else and is thus not only a bad idea but anathema. However, if someone says that YEC or OEC or whatever is bad, this alone does not make the basis for that judgement clear. For example, saying that much YEC is bad because it invokes false creation science claims gives a legitimate reason for the criticism. However, claiming that YEC is therefore inherently bad is not justified. Likewise, saying that a TE view is bad if it stems from disregard for the authority of scripture is a legitimate critique, whereas slandering all TE as inherently reflecting a low view of scripture raises misgivings about the Christian spirituality of the speaker.

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