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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 17:03:09 EDT

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    The point, Keith, is that yours is just an opinion -- not based upon any scientific
    fact. Belittling my example (which I only proposed as possible -- not probable) as
    "reducing God to a human engineer" only shows debatemanship -- and specious at
    that. You reject all alternatives as non-viable points of discussion without so much
    as a tip of the hat. With that attitude, your approach to dialogue will always be
    "my way or no way".

    I think.


    Keith Miller wrote:

    > > Now some take the Bible as literal and think that we came into existence a few
    > > thousand years ago and that what we see of history in the universe did not
    > > actually transpire. That is: God presented us with a universe with the history
    > > 'built in". Most here like to ridicule such a notion. I wonder how many of
    > > these
    > > have ever conducted simulation of some technical aspect within their filed. If
    > > so, I am certain that they work within simulated environments with a history
    > > built into it. I run simulations ot check the dynamics of certain systems. It
    > > could never even be done if I had to work from the ground floor in machine
    > > language to do everything. It would be nonsense for me to use anything other
    > > than a structure from a previous simulation -- even if "just" the compiler..
    > >
    > > Should I believe that God is less wise than his creations? That he has to
    > > start
    > > form scratch with His simulated background for us?
    > No, we should believe that God is much MORE wise and powerful than us. Your
    > analogy above reduces God to a human engineer. God, unlike a human
    > engineer, is not constrained just to manipulate an existing creation. God
    > is Creator and thus had free choice over the properties and capacities of
    > the stuff of creation. God made the original stuff.
    > It is also clear from scripture, from the history of God's people, and from
    > our own experience, that God is a God of process. The process matters to
    > God. God does not appear to be interested in just cutting to the chase and
    > getting to the final objective. The process of getting there is the
    > objective. That in my mind is what sanctification is. It is also clear
    > that suffering and pain is part of that process - a process which God
    > himself experienced in the incarnation and cross.
    > A long creative history is just what I would expect from the God of history.
    > Furthermore, a long creative history emphasizes God's care for the creation.
    > All the myriad of organisms that have come and gone on this planet were
    > there for God's pleasure alone. They gave praise to God long before
    > humanity was there to see and worship.
    > Keith

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