Re: My daughter is a YEC

From: Steve Petermann (
Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 15:49:20 EDT

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    YEC is not about science. It is about feelings and needs. All religions
    speak to profound existential issues: life, death, meaning, purpose, etc.
    Because these issues are profound and ultimately important to individuals,
    anything that offers some level of certainty about them can be very
    appealing to certain people. Postulating an unerring resources for these
    ultimate questions even reinforces that appeal. Then if YEC theology raises
    an incredible threat(hell) the lock is secure.

    The way to deal with those oppressed by YEC beliefs is not to try to
    dissuade them logically or scientifically. The way is to proclaim God's
    eternal and *unconditional* love for them. One doesn't have to "get it
    right" before God loves them. If there is one thing that grabs people more
    than anything else in scripture it is the proclamation of God's
    unconditional love.

    Steve Petermann

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