Re:Lack of belief claims (By a Christian)

Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 15:47:07 EDT

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    Does anyone think that this whole series of arguments may be
    counterproductive to Christianity?

    Let me explain.

    The real problem with people having a lack of faith is not
    whether God is proven or unproven or disproven. It is not
    a lack of evidence. It isn't that anything in the Bible is
    unbelievable, or even illogical.

    *As an Atheist, I disagree with this statement...
     We DO see the problem of evidence
     We DO think the bible is illogical and unbelievable.

    The real cause of a lack of faith is a lack of imagination.

    That is, people cannot imagine God doing this or that (in
    this case, creating the universe in one fashion or another),
    and therefore decide that they cannot or will not believe.

    Imagination = Faith? Can someone imagine that they have faith too? I say
    yes to both..

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