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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 15:47:40 EDT

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    > My question was not whether or not those speaking felt that their
    > opinion mattered
    > because of their education -- but rather why should anyone else
    > who disagrees with
    > them?
    > I don't see many lawyers. politicians, mill workers, etc.
    > attacking the religious
    > notions of those supporting YEC, OEC, etc. It is only the
    > scientists. And I must
    > say that those who whine loudest about a "dialogue" seem to be most least
    > interested in suggesting that those on the "other side" have
    > anything sensible to
    > offer.
    > So why is there something about science that trumps all other
    > fields in religious
    > interpretation? If I want some information about quantum
    > mechanics, I'll seek out
    > Professor friend at Boston University. If I want advice on
    > spiritual issues, I'll
    > go to the Pastor of my church.
    > I can see ASA presenting a forum to discuss the interrelationship
    > of science and
    > religious issues. I really like that, myself. But I think that
    > constant attacks on
    > YECs is unbecoming and out of place.
    > Walt

    If "True Christianity" requires one to deny objective reality, and replace
    it with something that is evidently a false doctrine, why take any of it
    seriously. If "True Christianity" demanded a geocentric view and a flat
    earth, Christianity would be wrong and, knowing what I know (I have to deal
    with the data every day - it is not like I can ignore it) I would have to
    rescind my beliefs. YEC, Geocentricity and other false doctrines are worthy
    of attack.


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