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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 14:45:28 EDT

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    Douglas wrote:

    > Here's a general question for us (I'm not
    > trying to be picky here; I'm truly
    > interested): Why would God put this
    > pattern in place with such subtlety
    > and then only make it know explicitly to
    > you at this time. What might God be
    > wanting to communicate?

    If the discovery of the Bible Wheel has taught me anything, it is that God can accomplish His Will through people who have little or no knowledge of His ultimate purposes, (or even His immediate ones, for that matter). This manifests most profoundly in the crucifixion of Christ. The perpetrators had no idea they were fulfilling "the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God" (Acts 2.23). Likewise, those involved in the production and selection of the Canon showed no awareness that they were creating a symmetric structure that would remain hidden for many, many centuries following their death.

    The real mystery to me is not that God "put this pattern in place with such subtlety" but that such an *obvious* structure could remain hidden until the end of the 20th century. How did He do that? That's what I'd like to know.

    But in answer to your question. I've written a few articles that address this from various angles. First of all, the Circle is unique in that it is the only 2D figure that is infinitely symmetric. It coheres perfectly with God as the Divine Artist and God as the Creator (symmetry principles explicate much of His Creation). Furthermore, the Circle is the optimal figure to convey the ideas of "things eternal" and "things divine." I discuss these ideas in my article "The Eternal Circle"

    So in this respect, I see God communicating His Infinite Intelligence, Wisdom, and Glory through the structure of His Holy Word. This does make a lot of sense, does it not? I mean, would this not be what we would *expect* from the Logos (source of all Logic, Beauty, and Truth) through whom the world came to be?

    As for "why at this time?" I don't know. I have some intuitions, but I'd rather not intrude upon things that I have not seen.

    > The pattern is there, sure, but how
    > many other patterns could be
    > "discovered" as alternative
    > constructions? It does take time
    > to assess how compelling the
    > evidence is that this was a divinely
    > ordained structure.

    I address this question in my article "Answer Thou Me" where I pose the question:

    "Is it possible to improve on the Bible Wheel?"

    A moment's reflection reveals that the answer should be a resounding "Yes!" if the Bible Wheel were a mere human invention or happenstance of history. The same idea applies to your question. It does not take a lot of thought to recognize the Circle as the optimal form for the representation of "things eternal and divine." It has been used this way throughout human history in most if not all cultures. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the circle is *unique* in that it and it alone is the only 2D figure with infinite symmetry. Here's the link:

    All this is greatly amplified as we discover other corroborating structures, such as the integration with the Hebrew alphabet, the line of bilateral symmetry dividing between the Aleph and Tav, the form of the tri-radiant halo and its link to Tav (the Cross), and so forth.

    > I will fully admit that I was only
    > guessing or presuming at the
    > significance that you derive from
    > your discovery. If I am not accurate,
    > please do me the favor to explain
    > what meaning you derive from this new
    > knowledge about the structure (again,
    > I am truly interested). I assumed
    > that for you its significance lies
    > in its being compelling evidence for God
    > and his divine inspiration of scripture.
    > If that is not the meaning or
    > "take-home message" you derive from it,
    > please explain what is. For myself,
    > whether or not I would invest time
    > and energy studying your evidence
    > depends on the answer to this question.
    > Please explain more about how you
    > envision this knowledge and evidence
    > being used to "answer many problems
    > unbelievers have with Scripture".

    These are excellent questions. The ultimate answer that I "take home" seems to coincide exactly with the answer to the question: What is the purpose of Scripture?" The answer is well known: God gave us Scripture to reveal Himself to us and to teach us His Ways and the path of Salvation. A great part of God's self-revelation involves such things as Beauty, Wisdom, Glory, and Love. And this is what I have received in my study of Scripture. My typical experience when studying Scripture in general and the Wheel in particular is one of complete spiritual and intellectual ecstasy. All my hairs stand like little worshipers as I enter into communion with the Heart and Mind of My Creator through His Word. That's what I take home!

    Concerning issues of proof and evidence. It appears to me that the Bible Wheel constitutes proof of both God and the Bible as an *inevitable* consequence of it validity. But such is almost certainly not its primary purpose, which I believe to be nothing less than its function as the Capstone to Scripture. It seals the Bible, reveals its supernatural integrity, and unveils a divine beauty that no one, in all the years of its long history, had ever even suspected. This is a work worthy of God, because all the glory is His. No one He used in the process of the production of this wonder can take credit for it. Praise His Holy Name!

    In service of Christ, the Living Word,

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