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From: Michael (
Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 14:40:08 EDT

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    Does anyone think that this whole series of arguments may be
    counterproductive to Christianity?

    Let me explain.

    The real problem with people having a lack of faith is not
    whether God is proven or unproven or disproven. It is not
    a lack of evidence. It isn't that anything in the Bible is
    unbelievable, or even illogical.

    The real cause of a lack of faith is a lack of imagination.

    That is, people cannot imagine God doing this or that (in
    this case, creating the universe in one fashion or another),
    and therefore decide that they cannot or will not believe.

    Now, I definitely have my own ideas on the Evolution /
    Young Earth Creation / Old Earth / Earth as the center
    of the Universe / and so on. My ideas are not without
    reason. However, the issue is by no means provable,
    even on a scientific basis. In other words, you give me
    a scientific theory like "big bang", and I'll give you
    "mega black hole formation from the inside, at the
    moment of SC-radius formation", and show how the two
    are physically indistinguishable. You give me "gamma
    ray evolution", and I'll give you "viral DNA transfer theory".
    So in the end, all we can say is "I have seen more evidence,
    or more convincing evidence, for A rather than B."

    But for a lot of people, scientists even, it comes down to
    "I have an easier time imagining A rather than B."
    This isn't a fault.

    It is where that person is, at that point in time. Unlike
    some questions I have seen here, nobody goes to heaven or
    hell based upon whether they believe that the earth was
    created young or old, or whether they believe that God created
    the Universe umpteen trillion years ago [sorry, I don't have
    the current figure].

    The important part of the Bible is faith in Jesus Christ.

    So at best, the YEC/evolution discussion is ignored or is
    chatted over, lightly, at tea-time. Worse, it could be a
    distraction. Worse yet, it could violate a person's
    lack of imagination, and cause a lack of faith.

    Satan can't win on a direct head-to-head confrontation,
    but he can win by focusing on trivialities. [This, sad to
    say, works in our own pettiness too. "Will you please
    sit down with me and tell me what's going on?" "Hmmm...
    have you ever thought about getting that mole removed?"
    Which indicates the first person won't get satisfaction, but
    also indicates that the relationship is in trouble.]

    Which isn't to say you shouldn't discuss it; but whenever this
    is discussed, there should be a perpetual caveat: this is our own
    imagining, our own interpretation of a difficult portion of the
    Bible, and it should not be a make or break issue for anyone.

       - Michael Rudmin

    P.S. As for me, I had joined this list thinking it was an
    Amature Biblical Archeological discussion site, based on
    some googling I had done. I sadly find that I am mistaken.

    So I think I will bow out of the discussion list; however,
    if you want to reply, feel free to just make use of the reply

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