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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 11:36:10 EDT

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    On second thought, while YEC protagonists may blithely swallow millions of cubic miles of fine-grained sedimentary rock, less committed members of their audience may start to have salutary flickers of doubt. The picture of God sitting there pulverizing antediluvian continents can't be very appealing, especially since such activity has no practical purpose and no scriptural support. It's one thing to talk about lots of water and about breaking up "fountains of the deep," whatever they might be; but it's a whole different order of nonsensical activity for God to be pulverizing continents and salting the debris with fossils.

    Anyone who thinks about it would realize you can't take a million cubic miles of rock from one place and deposit it somewhere else over a period of a few days without having the deposited rock left in rough, oddly shaped, good-sized chunks. To convert it to the fine-grained sediments we observe would take an extra pulverizing step (--plus lots of other steps [e,g., sorting] as well).


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      You're forgetting that this is creation SCIENCE. They have to come up with something.

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        Just out of curiosity, why should they even bother coming up with a model of the antediluvian world when it (apparently) has no relevance to the postdiluvian world? Presumably their antediluvian world is now gone without a trace, and today's sedimentary rocks are the only remnants (?).


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