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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 11:13:05 EDT

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    My question was not whether or not those speaking felt that their opinion mattered
    because of their education -- but rather why should anyone else who disagrees with

    I don't see many lawyers. politicians, mill workers, etc. attacking the religious
    notions of those supporting YEC, OEC, etc. It is only the scientists. And I must
    say that those who whine loudest about a "dialogue" seem to be most least
    interested in suggesting that those on the "other side" have anything sensible to

    So why is there something about science that trumps all other fields in religious
    interpretation? If I want some information about quantum mechanics, I'll seek out
    Professor friend at Boston University. If I want advice on spiritual issues, I'll
    go to the Pastor of my church.

    I can see ASA presenting a forum to discuss the interrelationship of science and
    religious issues. I really like that, myself. But I think that constant attacks on
    YECs is unbecoming and out of place.


    gordon brown wrote:

    > On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Walter Hicks wrote:
    > >
    > > I think that Henry Morris and the ilk are scientific charlatans but that does
    > > not excuse the polarizing attitude of many on this list. Many act as though
    > > science is the only honourable profession in the world. Why should a lawyer,
    > > mill worker, or anyone else respect the arrogant opinions of this list just
    > > because "PhD" can be tacked on after most our names --- pray tell?
    > I haven't had the sense that most people on this list think that their
    > opinions should be accepted as truth just because they have Ph.D. after
    > their names. It is perfectly all right for anyone to withhold judgment
    > until he has done the necessary study to understand the issues and form a
    > well reasoned opinion for himself.
    > Many YECs apparently think that their opinions are more credible if they
    > have a Ph.D. after their names. I know of at least a couple who have done
    > so by getting degrees from diploma mills. Others don't say what their
    > field is just in case there might be someone out there who might question
    > whether a degree in civil engineering or pharmacology qualifies one to be
    > an authority on geology.
    > Most of the scientific discussions on this list are in fields different
    > from my own, and I try to leave those for those who are qualified in those
    > areas, but as a Christian who studies the Bible regularly, I do sometimes
    > weigh in on theological questions, and I think that all believers should
    > feel free to discuss such issues.
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