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Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 11:02:59 EDT

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    My pastor has agreed to meet with me about my concerns for having Ken Ham
    speak at our church. Tenatively I've heard through a friend who spoke
    briefly with our pastor, that their current idea about him coming is to have
    the early service be dedicated to members who are already Christian, and the
    second service be for inviting friends. This alone represents a small

    I think my first goal is to try and prevent Ken Ham from coming. To
    accomplish that I feel it best to show that Ken Ham has an inappropriate
    attitude, rather than try to destroy YEC (since most of the leadership is
    strongly YEC and this isn't about who's right and creating a huge debate.)
    If that's not possible two independent services at least acknowledges that
    there may be controversial and sensitive issues that require caution. The
    many emails that highlighted literature from AiG will be indespensible for
    this cause, any additions will also be useful. Further comments that might
    help me would be to cross reference attitudes expressed by Hugh Ross in his
    writings with the attacks on Hugh that AiG/ or Ken Ham personally launch.
    Perhaps even your own personal experiences would greatly enrich this

    As it stands, I have a case to prepare for, to convey this message to my
    pastor. I initially wrote him that many Christian scientists that have deep
    concerns about Ken Ham and feel that he is more concerned about debating his
    points and swaying an audience rather than serving Christ in love. In his
    initial email reply, he has asked me some questions, that I feel will be
    best answered if those of you here offer me your responses, so that I can
    speak most accurately toward them.

    He asked a several part question:

    How confident am I about the authority of those who question Ken Ham's

    Am I sure of their competency to comment correctly on the issue and Ken Ham?

    How do I know them? (this one I can cover easily)

    I obviously have several answers, but whatever comments you would like to
    add may help me best present this case. Feel free to list all credentials
    you have that support your authority and competence on the issue of Ken
    Ham's attitude. I can either cite you in confidence or directly reference
    your name. (i.e. actual name, experience and knowledge X, or "a chemical
    engineer," who had experience and knowledge X.) It may also be useful to
    write a short statement of faith in the authority and primacy of Christ, so
    that we can illustrate that faithful Christians have a problem, not just
    "lost" atheists.

    Thank You for your participation,

    In Christ,


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