Re: Logical Arguments Against God

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 17:43:07 EDT

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    >1.) If the Christian God exists, he wants ALL humans to know he exists.
    >2.) If the Christian God exists, he knows what evidences are sufficient
    >for ALL to know that he exists.
    >3.) Not ALL people believe in God.
    >4.) God's evidences, thus far, are insufficient for ALL to believe.
    >5.) God either wants atheists to exist or there is no God. (from 2,3 and
    >(If God wants atheists to exist... why all the threats of Hell and
    >damnation in Christian theology?)

    When I was an unbeliever I argued against the existence of heaven and hell
    using this same kind of logic.

    1.) Good folks go to heaven.
    2.) Bad people go to hell.
    3.) If all humanity were placed on a goodness-badness scale, it would form
    a bell-shaped curve with, say, Mother Theresa at one end and Adolph Hitler,
    for example, at the other.
    4.) Most would fall in between at the height of the curve.
    5.) It would not be possible to drop a meat cleaver separating the good
    from the bad.
    6.) Some of those who would go to heaven would be separated from those
    going to hell by only a few good deeds - maybe only one.
    7.) Since it would arbitrary, how could God send people to heaven or hell
    for all eternity?

    To the reprobate mind, this may sound logical, it did to me. It wasn't
    until I became a Christian that I found my error. God rewards believers
    and condemns unbelievers. Believing is absolute. Is God great, or what?

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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