Re: Tit for Tat?

From: Dick Fischer (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 16:51:56 EDT

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    Allen Roy wrote:

    >We've been hearing how unethical it is for YEC to cast doubt on the
    >christian spirituality of OECs and TEs. How about the other way around?

    The question is whether YEC should be considered a legitimate form of
    Christian apology or whether it better fits the criteria of a cult.

    In my upcoming article for PSCF the biblical shortcomings are
    stressed. The scientific shortcomings are painfully obvious.

    Quoting from my article:

    If evangelicals cannot get a simple matter right such as the age of the
    earth, which can be established through an enormous amount of independent
    scientific discoveries and methods, then how could evangelicals be trusted
    on the doctrine of shed blood for the remission of sin, for example, where
    the corroborative, extra-biblical evidence is sparse to say the least?

    Therein is the crying shame. The unbeliever remains in unbelief because the
    Bible is presented as unbelievable from the first chapter. This is the
    tragic legacy of young-earth creationism: The non-Christian is handed what
    can appear to be a valid reason to reject the good news of Jesus
    Christ. And when the fallacies of young-earth creationism are finally
    discovered, disillusioned Christians may relinquish their faith.

    Essentially, YECs do violence to the clear intentions of Scripture. Their
    insistence on a disharmonious interpretation of Genesis with its bizarre
    theological and scientific consequences is damaging not only to
    intellectual and scientific integrity, but even to the Christian faith they
    claim to be defending.

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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