Re: Science Taken From the Bible (KJV)

Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 16:38:34 EDT

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    Michael wrote:
    > Debbie Mann wrote:
    > >John, the atheist who accosted our Christian list recently, and I have
    > >corresponding off line. He is actually polite and does not appear to
    > >or even rant uncontrollably as other atheists seem to do. He is
    looking for
    > >an apologist to argue the existence of God with him using logical
    > >Is there anyone on the list up to being John's offline debate
    > >
    > >
    > I'm only recently on the list, but I'd be willing to try.
    > Should this be done on the list, or off, or off the list and then
    > to the list? [I'd prefer on].

    Definitely _off_.

    Yes, I can do both...Christians can too.

    John Schwartz

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