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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 12:10:34 EDT

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    From a legal standpoint, looking at proving the Bible as a document does
    indicate its textual reliability to be far beyond documents even 1,500 years
    its junior.

    Jay Willingham

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    > It is my understanding that when measured on the godly scale of
    > the Bible flunks as does everything else on this planet. However, when
    > measured against all other historical documents, the Bible's score is so
    > high as to be considered a statistical outlier - or curve breaker.
    > I read in The Case for Christ that the New Testament scores above a 99%.
    > This is because the books were written while witnesses were still living,
    > they were widely circulated, extant copies exist from within a couple of
    > centuries of the originals, copies from relatively large distances agree
    > closely and there is corraborating evidence through other archeological
    > finds.
    > My understanding of the Old Testament is that the evidence is not so
    > however, again, the score for these books would be curve breakers.
    > Comments?
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