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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 11:56:37 EDT

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    John, the atheist who accosted our Christian list recently, and I have been
    corresponding off line. He is actually polite and does not appear to bite,
    or even rant uncontrollably as other atheists seem to do. He is looking for
    an apologist to argue the existence of God with him using logical methods.
    Is there anyone on the list up to being John's offline debate opponent?

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    Hello again!

    >My point is, that that is impossible to prove or disprove. Youcan't
    that there is no God. Instead, you make a hypothesis about who God is and
    how he would behave and prove that that image of God does not exist.

    *I think the proof lies heavily on the person who is making the
    extraordinary claim.

    >You believe that there cannot be a God because there is not justice. I
    believe that there must be a God to ensure that ultimately justice does

    1.) If God is "all just" then he always dispenses justice with the exact
    amount of severity deserved by the crime.
    2.) If God is "all merciful" then he always dispenses justice with less
    severity than is deserved by the crime.
    3.) You cannot dispense justice with less severity and exact severity at
    the same time.

    > don't know if you are a science fiction fan, I am except that I don't
    war - which eliminates a lot of it. One theologian theorized that none of
    this is real. That God set up this hologram so thoroughly that a tree
    appears to be aged, even though it isn't. Certainly, if Adam was created,
    would have appeared to have years he did not have. It isn't such a leap
    go to the hologram theory.

    * I watch science fiction only it's hard tell it's science fiction.
    When you (and other Christians) start talking about other worlds and
    false realities, you lose me. It's all about Naturalism for me, we
    shouldn't try to confuse or complicate things any more than we have to.

    John Schwartz

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