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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 11:56:37 EDT

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    It is my understanding that when measured on the godly scale of perfection,
    the Bible flunks as does everything else on this planet. However, when
    measured against all other historical documents, the Bible's score is so
    high as to be considered a statistical outlier - or curve breaker.

    I read in The Case for Christ that the New Testament scores above a 99%.
    This is because the books were written while witnesses were still living,
    they were widely circulated, extant copies exist from within a couple of
    centuries of the originals, copies from relatively large distances agree
    closely and there is corraborating evidence through other archeological

    My understanding of the Old Testament is that the evidence is not so strong,
    however, again, the score for these books would be curve breakers.


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