Re: Tit for Tat?

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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 11:12:02 EDT

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    > Is is spiritually dangerous to teach YEC or TE, or some other position on
    > origins?
    > This is a very important question. Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins
    > believe that it is *politically* dangerous to teach anything even smelling
    > like traditional religion, on any issue whatever; they have made
    > inflammatory, intolerant statements about this that are well known.

    I am fairly sure Dawkins has written in favor of teaching
    comparative religion, this is routinely done in the UK. I
    can try to dig up the reference if you like. I think the
    context was that this is the appropriate place to teach
    religious origins concepts, but I possibly misremember.
    Although, note, when you teach comparative religion,
    you are simply teaching this is what religion A,B,C
    states about issue X,Y,Z; and in that vein, it isn't
    actually a traditional religious teaching on any given
    issue, so your statement would still be basically correct.

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