Re: Tit for Tat?

From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 07:43:59 EDT

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    allenroy wrote:
    > We've been hearing how unethical it is for YEC to cast doubt on the
    > christian spirituality of OECs and TEs. How about the other way around?
    > Does Hugh Ross imply in the following that YECs might be in spiritual
    > jeopardy?
    > >From
    > Humphreys' and other 24-hour-day creationists' interpretation of Genesis
    > inadvertently leads to the suggestion that God is the one who deceives. ...................................

            Note here the word "inadvertently." To say that some Christians are
    well-meaning but wrong & that propagation of their views misleads people is rather
    different from saying (e.g.) that a pastor who accepts evolution must just be in the
    ministry for the money. The latter was the clear implication of one criticism levelled
    at me for an article I wrote several years ago.


    George L. Murphy

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