Tit for Tat?

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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 01:36:08 EDT

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    We've been hearing how unethical it is for YEC to cast doubt on the
    christian spirituality of OECs and TEs. How about the other way around?

    Does Hugh Ross imply in the following that YECs might be in spiritual

    >From http://www.reasons.org/resources/apologetics/trap.shtml?main

    Humphreys' and other 24-hour-day creationists' interpretation of Genesis
    inadvertently leads to the suggestion that God is the one who deceives.
    It leads to the conclusion that all the distant galaxies astronomers
    observe, nearly one trillion of them, are part of an elaborate mirage or
    a misunderstood "mural'' painted on a nearby black background. Stellar
    explosions such as the 1987 supernova eruption in our companion galaxy,
    the Large Magellanic Cloud, did not really occur, it just appears to
    have occurred. What astronomers observe in the heavens must be,
    according to their view, a detailed history of events that never

    A Biblical basis for "appearance of age" does not exist. Adam's adult
    body at the time of his creation would testify of age only if we made
    the incorrect assumption that he entered the world through the womb of a
    woman. We may also ask: What memories of his childhood and youth would
    he have had? Would God have created Adam with memories of events that
    had never taken place? It is difficult to see how such a creation would
    not make God a deceiver of Adam, building into his body inescapable
    impressions of the reality of events which in fact never occurred. The
    universe also has a kind of "memory" of the past; it is the light
    emitted long ago by distant objects that shows us what was happening at
    those objects at the time this light was emitted. "Appearance of age"
    has God filling virtually the entire universe with the physical
    equivalent of false memories.12

    >From a logic standpoint, appearance of age represents what is called a
    non-falsifiable proposition. It cannot be proved or disproved. Taken to
    its logical conclusion, the hypothesis would imply that we cannot be
    sure of our own or anyone else's past existence. We could have been
    created just a few hours ago with implanted scars, memories, progeny,
    photographs, material possessions, liver spots, and hardening of the
    arteries to make us appear and feel older than we really are. In this
    case, even biblical history would be an illusion.

    On the assumption that they truly desire to be defenders of the truth of
    God's word and evangelists for Jesus Christ, young earth/young-universe
    creationists probably do not realize the theological implications of
    their position. I think they would repudiate the cultic notion that,
    "there is no life, truth, or substance in matter,"13 though
    unfortunately, that's the direction in which their view leans. According
    to the Apostle Paul, it's a dangerous direction (see Colossians 1 and 2

    12. Hugh Ross, Creation and Time (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 1994),
    p. 54

    13. This quote from Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science,
    is declared during every worship service in every Church of Christ

    Or consider the following from Ross's Creation and Time (Colorado
    CO: NavPress 1994), 160. Is what AIG says any rougher than this?

    "In response to my message and others' encouragement, [a young biology
    student] let go of the burden of a double life, of believing yet trying
    not to believe the reality his studies revealed. He saw that believing
    the Bible did not require the sacrifice of his rational mind. Sharing
    his faith with friends would now be possible for him, even enjoyable.
    He expressed profound relief, and he said he found new meaning in the
    motto of Caltech, 'The truth shall make you free' (John 8:32, KJV).
        I have met many other believers who do not yet know this young man's
    freedom and joy. Having paid the price they were taught they must pay,
    they insist that no one should be left off any easier. Every
    respectable Christian must deny the facts of science. The result? A
    burdensome walk with God (hardly the exhortations of Matthew 11:25 and
    Ephesians 2:8-10), or an unhealthy disconnection from reality. What a
    terrible choice! And what awful advertising, if I may use that term, for

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