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    I just arrived back from Austin. That is 6 hour roundtrip
    drive for me so I am pretty tired. There well over 100
    people signed up to speak, and they were at ~ 40th
    scheduled speaker when I left at quarter to five.

    yes it is a DI commissioned poll. It is on their website
    with the cover page, which has the language, that it
    was commissioned by them. here is the link,

    Tx Cit for Science were there and no I have not hooked up
    with them. I prepared my testimony independently of them
    I was #93 so I gave the copies to the secretary. As I read
    the rules that gets entered into the record. This probably
    is an important thing to get involved with. Also when
    the transcripts are ready read them & write letters to
    the SBOE members. There are 2 or three board members
    that appear to be convinced that the Icons of Evolution
    analysis is correct and want it to be incorporated into
    the textbooks.

    They got through 26 speakers, not including Dr. Wells,
    who was asked to stay after because he was not
    a texas resident in the ~ 3 1/2 hours I was there.

    Of the 26 speakers, about 7 were from "a group" like DI
    or "texans for better science education"; however, for some
    reason only one DI person, Ray Bohlin, signed up as a
    DI person, and they did not identify themselves as
    associated with DI. The TBSE people I think did identify
    themselves once they spoke. I think there were more
    TBSE people than that, but I haven't been to the website
    to check.

    I approached a board member about this because it
    seemed unfair to me that they had signed up without
    disclosing their group. You are supposed to disclose
    your group and what it means is that they could
    have tried to provide some balance in the scheduling
    of the speakers. As it was, the overwhelming majority
    of the speakers who spoke while I was there were antievolutionists.

    This was somewhat frustrating in the sense that one
    board member fairly consistently asked questions
    unrelated to their testimony, basically trying to get
    them to testify on additional "weaknesses" & effectively extending their time. This strikes me as an abuse of
    her position, and cheating really. Reading the transcript, she did a similar thing last time.

    Dr. Dembski's remarks, a letter from Bruce Chapman,
    and some other folks' material is on discovery's website.
    None of them in fact mentioned the poll during their
    testimony but it is in Chapman's letter regarding
    the Santorum Amendment. This was an interesting
    sideline. One speaker mentioned it, and a member
    asked that the TEA or SBOE attorney I am not sure
    which, provide a legal opinion about the Santorum
    Amendment. Then another member produced the
    letter. She said, notwithstanding the letter, she still
    wanted a legal opinion. Then Terry Leos spent about
    five minutes clarifying the Santorum Amendment. To
    which the original member said, thank you very much,
    but I want a *legal opinion* from *our attorney*. What
    nonsense. It was a reasonable request. Terry Leos
    isn't the one who has to write the TEA rules, the
    attorneys do, and a lay opinion is not a legal opinion.

    These are some preliminary impressions. Probably
    this weekend I will look again at my notes, and
    add more.

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