Re: ICR/AIG claims

From: Rich Blinne (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 21:54:06 EDT

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    On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:29:32 -0700, "D. F. Siemens, Jr."
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    > On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 04:27:33 -0700 "Don Winterstein"
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    > Others have pointed out that YEC protagonists are often very slick and
    > polished, with ready answers to lots of questions, and you confront them
    > publicly before a general audience at your peril.

    Here's a question that is too early to develop an official answer.
    Today's Nature has an article that confirmed the Biblical date of the
    Siloam Tunnel ( The
    question to ask is the radio carbon dating of this accurate or not. If
    yes, why is radio carbon not accurate for other things? If no, then how
    did it get to be right since unbelieving science is always trying to
    disprove the Bible?

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