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Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 13:39:06 EDT

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    Terry wrote:

    >Is it conceivable that some of these human-like activities/artifacts are
    >"anticipatory" to full-blown human beingness? I.e. some of the physical,
    >psychological, and social elements are present, but they're not fully
    >human yet. Not sure where I'd exactly draw the line, but it doesn't seem
    >necessary to me to say that just because human-like characteristics exist
    >that we have human beings in the image of God that are capable of a
    >personal relationship with God.

    I think there is a tendency to blur "spirituality" with
    "accountability." When man became interested in things spiritual in
    distinction from things material is hard to judge. What is the
    criteria? Accountability is easier to judge, and that seems to begin with
    Adam. Dating Adam is debatable, but the weight of data falls on from 7,000
    to 6,000 years ago at the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates referred to
    in Genesis when that region began to become populated. For those new to
    the list, the argument for a historic, neolithic Adam is on the ASA web
    page: "In Search of the Historical Adam,
    1 and

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