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Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 09:17:33 EDT

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    Re: An interesting Poll from Zogby1) "western Bible belt" it is solely Texas.

    2) Opinion poll - Zogby specializes in designing polls that
    demonstrate what the client wants to demonstrate.

    It is my belief they commissioned the poll in order to present it or hype it in connection with today's SBOE hearing. I will know better this afternoon, I am attending
    the hearing. Y'all want a report ???
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      Of what actual value is this opinion poll? Given the wording of the questions, and given that it was administered to folks in the western end of the U.S. Bible Belt, the results were assured from the beginning. This has the appearance of a marketing gimmick, nothing more.

      My conclusion: Anyone who uses the results of this poll to support the teaching of "intelligent design" as a scientific alternative to biological evolution is using a rhetorical strategy that ought to be a total embarrassment to any morally and ethically sensitive person.

      Howard Van Till

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