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Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 23:52:14 EDT

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    We see through a glass darkly...

    This position seems to assume that current perception devices and the
    interpretations of the data from them parse creation thin enough to "find
    God" if he's there.

    Man's technological development was thought to have reached its zenith in
    Queen Victoria's day as well.

    To me, even our most impressive technological developments are just
    scratching the surface of the physical realm, to say nothing of the
    spiritual. Remember the East Indian parable of the blind men and the

    Jay Willingham

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    > Burgy,
    > Sorry to be so slow in responding. I tried to clean some things from my
    > e-mail program and lost some things that I had put in a folder to save.
    > Regarding falsification, consider a couple scenarios.
    > First, imagine that I am clever enough, finding a crime committed, to
    > manipulate the evidence so as to incriminate you. That may require more
    > imagination than anyone possesses, but let that pass. I figure out how to
    > deprive you of believable alibis and produce circumstantial evidence so
    > that you are convicted. I had nothing to do with the commission of the
    > crime: I just want the headline, "Burgy convicted."
    > Second, imagine that I am a good enough hacker to break into the files of
    > some banks so that I secretly put a half-million bucks into your account
    > and then, indicating that it came from you, transfer it to a worthy
    > cause. Now you are acclaimed as a philanthropist, given various honors,
    > and receive a slew of requests for donations from other causes.
    > In the first scenario, I had nothing to do with the crime, just the
    > manipulation of evidence so that you get blamed. In the second, mine is
    > the crime. In either, can I be credited with truthfulness? Similarly,
    > however God created the universe, if he makes it seem that the deed was
    > accomplished by totally other means than actually involved, do we have a
    > truthful deity. Seems to me such a deity is as crooked as I in my
    > scenarios, whether I plan ill or good.
    > Dave

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