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Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 22:06:32 EDT

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    Hi Wayne,
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      To: asa@calvin.eduThe main point I was making was that we shouldn't have
    to wait for a
      fully function 20k register quantum computer to decide if Deutches'
      idea is true. I think the human mind itself should already show signs
      of this, at least assuming that the mind has even a small and fleeting
      number of QM registers.

      Thanks much for the references!

      Unfortunately, I suspect that relying on our brains to prove the many
    world's hypothesis, would place it in the realm of the subjective. I
    experience my 'mind' not yours and thus can't do any experiential tests on
    your mind.

      Speaking of minds reminds me of a funny thing with Word today at work. I
    was using the thesarus looking up 'mentoring'. The first suggestion was
    'Mental Illness'. Mentoring is probably a mental illness but we are too
    crazy to know it. :-)

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