Re: ICR/AIG claims

From: D. F. Siemens, Jr. (
Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 19:43:41 EDT

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    Sorry to be so slow in responding. I tried to clean some things from my
    e-mail program and lost some things that I had put in a folder to save.
    Regarding falsification, consider a couple scenarios.

    First, imagine that I am clever enough, finding a crime committed, to
    manipulate the evidence so as to incriminate you. That may require more
    imagination than anyone possesses, but let that pass. I figure out how to
    deprive you of believable alibis and produce circumstantial evidence so
    that you are convicted. I had nothing to do with the commission of the
    crime: I just want the headline, "Burgy convicted."

    Second, imagine that I am a good enough hacker to break into the files of
    some banks so that I secretly put a half-million bucks into your account
    and then, indicating that it came from you, transfer it to a worthy
    cause. Now you are acclaimed as a philanthropist, given various honors,
    and receive a slew of requests for donations from other causes.

    In the first scenario, I had nothing to do with the crime, just the
    manipulation of evidence so that you get blamed. In the second, mine is
    the crime. In either, can I be credited with truthfulness? Similarly,
    however God created the universe, if he makes it seem that the deed was
    accomplished by totally other means than actually involved, do we have a
    truthful deity. Seems to me such a deity is as crooked as I in my
    scenarios, whether I plan ill or good.

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