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Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 15:33:15 EDT

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    I would second this statement, even though I've been swamped trying to
    organize a trial-run set for this saturday of my seminar, set up a time to
    discuss with my pastor and the leadership why Ken Ham is not a good idea,
    speak to others in the body who feel the same way, etc. and haven't had time
    to express the appreciation of all the resources. Many of the resources are
    in use to articulate the problem and speak to the audiences involved here.

    By the way, regarding attitudes of YEC, in particular AiG, someone at my
    church forwarded me this link to help me prepare for my class.

    " Sadly, this is the ‘virus’ that infects much of the church. Church leaders
    and thus church members have, by and large, developed a way of thinking that
    accepts many aspects of what the ‘world’ teaches concerning billions of
    years, evolution etc., and that reads these ideas into God’s Word.

    The ‘world’ then views the church as not believing God’s Word as written,
    but as accepting the ‘world’s’ theories as truth and reinterpreting God’s
    Word to fit. Thus, the ‘world’ does not really have a respect for the Bible
    and generally does not listen to the message of the Gospel that is preached
    from this book. "

    What principle was it that Jesus said hung all the laws of all the prophets?
      I guess I'm virus infected.


    >From: John W Burgeson <>
    >Subject: Responses
    >Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 10:12:12 -0600
    >Thanks to so many who responded (and are responding) to my requests, both
    >on the list and off-line.
    > Thanks to
    >Gary Collins
    >Jim Armstrong
    >Stephen Krogh
    >Keith Miller
    >Darryl Maddox
    >Glenn Morton
    >George Murphy
    >David Campbell
    >Josh Bembenek
    >Scott Jorgenson
    >Ted Davis
    >Paul Greaves
    >Jim Hoffman
    >Louise Freeman
    >Loren Haarsma
    >(hope I did not miss someone)
    >I appreciate you all. Things are coming together.
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