Re: How old is "spiritual" humanity - as old as self consciousness

Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 13:09:23 EDT

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    > I have just placed on my web site, page 6, week 3, a chart which I plan
    > to expose to high schoolers in class next Sunday. It contains data
    > relevant to when "spiritual humanity" appeared. Adam and Eve, if you
    > will.
    > Comments on it appreciated.
    > Burgy

    Burgy's chart plots human evolutionary development through technology. A
    comparison of human physical evolutionary development and the birth of
    spirituality (the correct interpretation of the "fall" of Adam and Eve) composes the
    first half of my paper True Religion, the Darwinian Interpretation of Biblical
    Symbols, available upon request.
    The Geoscience Research Institute, founded in 1958, was established to look
    at the scientific evidence concerning origins. The Institute uses both science
    and revelation to study the question of origins because it considers the
    exclusive use of science as too narrow an approach. The Institute serves the
    Seventh-day Adventist church in two major areas: research and communication. 

    The Geoscience Research Institute independently created a link to my review
    of Darwin's Cathedral on August 28th.

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    rich faussette


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