Re: Is The Bible Reliable Text?

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 11:30:35 EDT

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    chromatech2 wrote, in part: "Is the bible truly reliable enough to defend
    with science?"

    Old saying -- the Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens

    The science of the biblical writers was the science of their times. Their
    words were necessarily couched in the understanding of their listeners.

    Go back in time and explain quantum physics to Julius Caesar. Write him
    an essay in decent Latin to do this. Then try to develop the resultant
    article so the common people could understand.

    We wrestle (and have wrestled) with all the stuff you cited a lot We
    don't all agree.

    For one scientist's view on the Bible (mine), see

    Pick one topic (not a dozen) and we can talk about it. The Pi story is
    sort of old hat. The story of God commanding the slaughter of infants in
    I Sam 15 can be rationalized by some here -- not me -- we hashed that one
    around last year. The issue of biblical inerrancy is held by some here --
    not me -- we don't fiddle with that one much anymore because about
    everything that can be said has been said.

    You are, of course, as welcome here as anyone. As far as I know, I'm the
    only one here who has ever been asked to drop a topic (acceptance of
    homosexuals) and then only for 30 days. <G> That topic, too, has been
    rather thoroughly hashed over.

    I have two fairly close friends who claim the label "atheist." They are
    good guys, one a VP of Pitney Bowes and the other a local surgeon. I also
    have several friends who are "bible toten" fundamentalists. We all get



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