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Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 09:41:21 EDT

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    >Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 15:51:14 GMT
    >From: Burgy <>
    >Subject: ICR/AIG claims
    >I need help. Ten days from now there will be a YEC presentation at a church 1 block from my home. The presenter, Joe Sebeny, has challenged me to attend, "and learn
    >Joe has made two claims, which may be true:
    >(1) Neither ICR, nor AIG, nor Morris nor Ken Ham, has ever asserted that non-YECers are not Christians.
    >(2) Both ICR and AIG have explicitly said, in print, that they reject such a claim.
    >I am looking for literature citations which might refute (1) or support (2).
    >Joe has also challenged me to submit a list of questions to him in advance of the seminar. Lots come to mind. What questions (make them short) would list members suggest?
    >Burgy (John Burgeson)

    Hi Burgy,
    I see the first issue has already been dealt with well by others. As to the second:
    you might like to bring up the question of the relationship of Gen 2:5 to Gen.1.
    If the reason given for a lack of vegetation is that there has been no rainfall, this
    seems to presuppose natural processes of plant growth, and it would be totally
    illogical to give this reason on day 6 if plants had been in existence for only a few
    days. I got this from "In the Beginning," by Henri Blocher, who says that this
    constitutes powerful internal evidence that the author of Genesis never intended
    the days of Ch. 1 to be taken literally, and that this argument has not been refuted.
    If I remember rightly, he got it from someone caled Meredith G. Kline.


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