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Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 21:04:06 EDT

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    Hi Burgy,

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    >I need help. Ten days from now there will be a YEC presentation at
    >a church 1 block from my home. The presenter, Joe Sebeny, has
    >challenged me to attend, "and learn something."
    >Joe has made two claims, which may be true:
    >(1) Neither ICR, nor AIG, nor Morris nor Ken Ham, has ever
    >asserted that non-YECers are not Christians.

    I have never seen precisely that claim in print, but they come awfully
    close. Several years ago, they had on a web page that I was an apostate. In
    order to get them to remove that I had to threaten to sue--I was actually in
    the process of contacting an attorney--when Ken Ham finally gave in and
    removed that offending word. He then had the gall (or is it Gaul these
    days), to ask why I would threaten to sue a brother!!!! As if he actually
    considered me one. Below are statements that are pretty close to what you
    are looking for:

    “It might surprise many people to realize that many church leaders do not
    believe their own book, the Bible. This plainly teaches that God created
    recently in the first consecutive normal days, made things to reproduce
    ‘after their kind,’ and that death and suffering resulted from Adam’s sin.
    This is one reason why many Christians regard evolution as incompatible with
    Christianity.” Jonathan D. Sarfati, Refuting Evolution, (Green Forest, AR:
    Master Books, 1999), p. 22

    "Many people do not realize that the teaching of evolution propagates an
    anti-biblical religion." Jonathan Sarfati, Refuting Evolutin, p. 20

    "A God who 'created' by evolution is, for all practical purposes,
    indistinguishable from no God at all." Jonathan D. Sarfati, Refuting
    Evolution, (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 1999), p. 22

    >(2) Both ICR and AIG have explicitly said, in print, that they
    >reject such a claim.
    >I am looking for literature citations which might refute (1) or
    >support (2).
    >Joe has also challenged me to submit a list of questions to him in
    >advance of the seminar. Lots come to mind. What questions (make
    >them short) would list members suggest?
    >Burgy (John Burgeson)
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