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Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 17:11:15 EDT

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      The clear message is: "Oh yes, non-YEC's can be Christian. They are just those types of Christians who disagree with Jesus, dishonor God, accept scientifically untenable pagan theories, destroy the fondations of the Gospel, threaten the Christian worldview and lead society to descrution."

    I must say, this is very well put, and right on the money regarding their tactics.

    Another thing I thought I'd add regarding Ken Ham... I saw him speak to a large church audience about 15 years ago, as part of an ICR "Genesis" conference. He really impressed me as an excellent, likable, and charismatic speaker - but I found him to be really disturbing as well. Much of his talk consisted of his describing unrealistic, inaccurate positions that he claimed represented "evolutionists" or mainstream scientific views, which he could then ridicule and debunk. Most of the audience was right in the palm of his hand, and believed every word of it, and if I hadn't had as good a background in earth sciences as I did, I would have believed him also. So, I found him to be really scary.

    Their approach seems to be to create a false illustration of two choices... the inaccurate and incomplete picture they paint of "secular science", or their brand of YEC supported by any data they can conveniently present (often incomplete or inaccurate). Maybe this offers an approach for mitigating damage such a seminar might cause... take copious notes about what they say, do your research, and then present the complete story including any counter-arguments you might want to present.

    But I wouldn't go up against them in person... unless you're just as charismatic, and practiced in public speaking, you'll lose.

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