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Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 16:48:27 EDT

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    God did not tell a partial lie to the Pharoah of Egypt in order for the
    Israelites to escape. God did tell Moses to ask the Pharoah for three days off
    so they could worship their God knowing that Pharoah would never grant the
    time. Pharoah's heart was hardened by God. The intent was not to give the
    Israelites the opportunity to escape but rather to show the Israelites and the
    world the true power of God. Almighty God does not need to trick people,
    including pharoahs, so that people can escape.

    After Pharoah denied the request, God worked miracles through Moses to show
    that He was greater than all the other gods, including Pharoah. No one was
    tricked when the Israelites fled Egypt. In fact, the Egyptians had the same
    opportunity to participate in the Passover as the Israelites but they chose

    The Passover is an example of the coming of the Messiah. When we choose to
    participate in the Passover by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are
    spared death and destruction. The death, burial, and resurrection was not a
    trick either but revealed once again the mighty power and mercy of God.

    God is not a man that He should lie - not even a partial lie. He is the Way,
    the Truth, and the Life.

    Quoting John W Burgeson <>:

    > Dave wrote: "This means that God deliberately mislead or, to phrase it
    > more bluntly, produced a lie to deceive the majority of human beings.
    > If
    > he lied in this area, one what basis can I hold that he did not lie in
    > scripture? "
    > I have never been impressed with this argument. After all, it is pretty
    > clear that while no instance of God "telling a lie" is generally
    > accepted
    > in scripture, at least some instances of him expressly telling someone
    > else to tell a partial truth with the intent to mislead exist. I refer
    > to
    > what God told Moses to tell Pharaoh. He told Moses to tell Pharaoh only
    > that the tribe wished to go out to the desert "to worship," with the
    > clear implication that Pharaoh would not grasp the fact that the tribe
    > was planning a total escape.
    > I am not convinced that lying is always sinful. 99.44% of the time,
    > yes.
    > But sometimes... .
    > Burgy
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