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Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 15:14:50 EDT

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    Morris's review of Miller's Finding Darwin's God may also be helpful to you:

    "The real problem evolutionists have is not with us creationists, but with
    the Word of God. All of us will have to meet God someday, and I believe it
    will be easier for us to explain to Him why we believed in recent creation
    and a global flood than Ken Miller and his academic peers will have in
    explaining why they refused to believe what He clearly said, especially when
    there is such overwhelming evidence for the truth of Biblical Christianity
    and such strong, confirming, scientific evidence for its worldview."

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    Subject: ICR/AIG claims

    > I need help. Ten days from now there will be a YEC presentation at a
    > church 1 block from my home. The presenter, Joe Sebeny, has challenged
    > me to attend, "and learn something."
    > Joe has made two claims, which may be true:
    > (1) Neither ICR, nor AIG, nor Morris nor Ken Ham, has ever asserted
    > that non-YECers are not Christians.
    > (2) Both ICR and AIG have explicitly said, in print, that they reject
    > such a claim.
    > I am looking for literature citations which might refute (1) or support
    > (2).
    > Joe has also challenged me to submit a list of questions to him in
    > advance of the seminar. Lots come to mind. What questions (make them
    > short) would list members suggest?
    > Burgy (John Burgeson)
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