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Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 13:05:03 EDT

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    many worlds hypothesis -- of course there are several
    MWHs, which is why talking about them generally is not
    necessarily fruitful. They all as far as I am aware
    explain the apparent fine tuning of the universe by
    positing that this is one of many universes. Some go
    a step further to reclaim deterministic physics by
    positing that all quantum outcomes are realized and
    that all universes split at every quantum event that
    occurs in that universe into additional parallel
    universes (pedantically, I think it would be more
    accurate to describe them as branching universes
    rather than parallel), realizing every possible
    quantum outcome in relation to its probability of

    --- Jan de Koning <> wrote:
    > Forgive me for asking a stupid question: What is
    > MWH?
    > Personally, I would appreciate that when one uses an
    > abbreviation like that
    > (which probably is understood by 90% of us, but not
    > by me) it is explained
    > at least once in the posting. It does help
    > aconversation.
    > Jan

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