Re: The Problem of Good

Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 03:24:12 EDT

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    Hi Steve,

    >>>What about playing cards or any other game? What do we enjoy about it?
    challenge? The risk? Would it be fun to play cards if there was never a
    chance you could lose? We enjoy games *because* of the risk of failure. It
    is the challenge and possibility of victory or growth that creates the

    I would be weary of allocating too much weight on the _outcome_ of things
    to delineate _true_ good and evil. This may be akin to the utilitarian,
    results-based conception of 'good' morals which is a deficient conception
    of moral reality.

    Good is intrinsic in its various facets and forms. Furthermore, Good, per
    se, is variously related to justice (even though justice is at times very
    specific to situations).

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