Re: New to Forum (Atheist)

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 20:01:16 EDT

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    > Hello all,
    > My name is John Schwartz. I stumbled on the ASA site and was fascinated
    > by Christian scientists who rationalize the Bible with natural sciences.
    > If anyone needs to get an Atheist's perspective, please don't hesitate to
    > E-mail. Meanwhile, I'll be looking at past posts.

            Welcome to the list. For something to reflect on at the start I would point out
    that many of us who participate here would not accept "rationalize the Bible with
    natural sciences" as a statement of what we're concerned with. Just to speak for
    myself, I wouldn't even be happy with the statement if "rationalize" were replaced with
    the less loaded word "reconcile." I'd describe my own project as one of understanding
    the world as science discloses it within the context of Christian faith - with the
    realization that scientific results may change the ways in which that faith should be


    George L. Murphy

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