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Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 12:23:29 EDT

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    > Although strictly speaking, Buddhism is not a
    > reincarnational religion,
    > most sects. Seems to me if it is a
    > "religion-killer" it is not just
    > Christianity.
    > I am inclined to agree with Blake though that
    > whether or not it is
    > a "religion-killer" depends on the level of
    > determinism accompanying
    > the approach. (Although I find it really, really
    > hard to believe that
    > Pinker
    > takes a hard-line deterministic approach. I mean,
    > what's the point
    > of criticizing people for saying you take a position
    > that you didn't
    > really take.)

    I was probably taking Pinker to an extreme. He
    certainly believes that the balance is overwhelmingly
    in favor of genetic determinism as opposed to
    environmental explanations.

    My main point in using Pinker, however, was to
    emphasize that the laws of physics limit possible
    universes and Glenn has no good reason for believing
    that the laws of physics would allow him to be a
    Wiccan, arsonist, axe-murderer, who recants Jesus


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