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From: Dr. Blake Nelson (
Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 12:16:34 EDT

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    Hi Glenn,

    I think I have answered your points in this e-mail in
    my subsequent one. The paragraph below, however,
    stands out. And it does require a brief answer, but I
    think a full answer goes beyond the scope of the list:

    1) First, if the view of MWH that you posit is
    correct, your question is meaningless because I have
    no choice but to be a chrisitan in some universe in a
    deterministic multiverse. I don't believe that the
    universe or some multiverse is mechanistically
    deterministic (but if it was, my belief is the process
    of deterministic processes and do not necessarily have
    any truth value as yours do not), so I will make the
    real point:

    2) I am not a christian for a utilitarian purpose, I
    am not a christian because I want to avoid damnation,
    I am a christian due to the Grace of God and due to
    the example of Jesus Christ in His life and death (and
    resurrection). And that has a lot of incumbent
    baggage that is in no way utilitarian or to further my
    own ends, but to further God's ends.

    If God were to determine that I am damned, I humbly
    accept that. I am happy that you appear to be certain
    in your salvation. I simply cling to God on the cross
    and trust in Him, no matter what He decides as His
    unworthy servant.

    I categorically reject your apparent view implicitly
    expressed below re why someone should be a christian.

    BTW, perhaps you should read more theology.

    --- Glenn Morton <> wrote:
    >If that is your view, why be a Christian? If no one
    is damned for
    atheism, disbelief, believing in other Gods, does God
    just willy-nilly
    certain people to go to hell, kind of a cosmic
    lottery? Under
    theology, I see no way for atheists to be saved,
    assuming they are
    upon their death. If they are to be saved, then great,
    no one has
    to fear from the Christian God. Believe what you want.

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