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    Steve wrote:

    a couple of comments
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    >This appproach completely blunts Occam's razor!

    I don't believe it does blunt Occam's Razor. If quantum is the 'simplest
    explanation of the world consistent with the observed facts. Thus if it
    leads to quantum splitting, then that is what Occam's razor would require.
    Occam's razor doesn't require the world be simple, just that it not be made
    more complex than necessary.

    Similarly, if inflation generated MWH is the simplest explanation of the
    origin of the universe, consistent with particle physics (from which Higgs
    fields come), then that isn't unnecessarily complexifying the world to
    beleive in MWH from that source.

    >The MWH is in many ways a faith position. Each world is created ex nihilo.

    No, they are not created ex nihilo as defined by philosophers. They are
    created from pre-existing fields and the vacuum,

    “The ultraearly universe may one day be triumphantly subsumed into some
    overarching theory that applies from the Planck time (10-43 seconds) onward.
    Indeed some physicists already claim that our universe evolved essentially
    from nothing. But they should watch their language, especially when talking
    to philosophers. The physicist’s vacuum is a far richer construct than the
    philosopher’s ‘nothing’: latent in it are all the particles and fields
    described by the equations of physics. In any case, such a claim doesn’t
    bypass the philosophical question of why there is a universe. To quote
    Stephen Hawking, ‘What is it that breathes fire into the equations?…Why does
    the Universe go to all the bother of existing?’” Martin Rees, Before the
    Beginning, (Reading, Mass: Helix Books, 1997), p. 161

    >It has many theological implications many of which are incompatible with a
    Christian worldview.

    On this we agree and you have ennumerated them much better than I did.

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