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    Hi Debbie,

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    >Still don't buy it.
    >1. We do have freedom of choice. There are some things that humans
    >and other
    >creatures will choose - some not. This limits the possibilities. Inherently
    >this is against my understanding of the MWH thesis.

    I don't see what this has to do with what I spoke of.

    >2. There is nothing to keep there from being numerous identical universes -
    >including infinitely many ones void of life.


    >3. From what I understand of the probability of life in the universe - you
    >need to be up to the number you mention to have a universe with life.
    >But,cut infinity and it is still infinity.

    Debbie, (sigh) 10^118 is still a long way from infinity. shoot, so is
    10^1000 a long way from infinity. We aren't talking an infinite number of
    universes in order to get a repeat. We are decidedly talking about a finite

    >4. And finally, the reason I have stayed out of the multi-universe debate
    >(except to refer to it in the discussion of time, which I do find
    >fascinating) is that I believe God created and determines the framework. In
    >other words, the dice are loaded. I am not a creationist, I believe the
    >world and universe are old - but not as old as God. I believe there is
    >evolution - but not that it is the beginning and end of life. Jesus is the
    >beginning and end of life. God breathed the first life and God breathed the
    >spirit in us which makes us after his own image. God alone will determine
    >the end, and, while I totally avoid the 'second coming' churches, I do
    >believe that the end of life according to this set of rules will occur
    >before our sun burns itself out.
    >I like knowing that the dice are loaded in my favor. I'd hate for it to be

    This is the bias issue I run into all the time. Just because you would
    'hate' for something to be other wise, doesn't make it so. Your desire for
    the structure of the unvierse is irrelevant to what the actual universe is

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