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From: Jennifer Wiseman (
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 18:07:28 EDT

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    Dear chr-astro friends,

    I hope the summer transition to Fall is
    gentle for you.

    As you have heard from previous email,
    our summer meeting of the American Scientific
    Affiliation (ASA) was awesome. The astronomy
    and cosmology theme was evident in so many
    different ways: in lectures, panel discussions,
    discussions between astronomers, worship times,
    and Bible study. We had a lot of fun together too.
    (See photos and info at

    Anyway I am writing to see if any of you would
    like to be a *Mentor* to a young person
    (generally a graduate or undergraduate student)
    who is a Christian in astronomy. Several of
    these young folks signed up at the ASA meeting requesting
    a "Mentor", but there aren't enough people who
    have signed up to be "Mentors"! This is a lot of
    fun and doesn't take much time: basically you
    just make yourself available to chat with
    your Mentee occasionally, via e-mail for example,
    to provide informal guidance and encouragement
    and answer questions they might have about
    this career path. Perhaps you might see them
    at conferences like the AAS meetings, too.

    Please write to Don Munro (ASA Executive Director)
    if you can serve as a Mentor (if you are a
    professional astronomer in research and/or possibly
    teaching). His email address is He will
    try to match you up with someone with similar interests.
    You need not have attended this year's ASA meeting.
    You might need to be an ASA member (or join) though,
    so if you aren't and would like to be, check

    You can make a lot of difference in someone's
    life just by being a non-threatening support,
    friend, and contact for them. So please consider
    being a Mentor!

    -Jennifer Wiseman

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