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From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 11:27:59 EDT

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    The face of YEC has now struck very close to home. Here at my local body,
    Watermark Community Church, our pastor has invited Ken Ham to speak Sunday
    October 5th. The only familiarity I have with Ken Ham is when I glanced
    through one of his books and saw a cartoon illustration. It depicted two
    fortresses in warfare against one another, the first labelled Christianity
    and the second Evolution. On the side of Christianity was truth, honour,
    God, etc. On the side of Evolution was racism, genocide, euthanasia, etc.
    I found it to be the perfectly wrong frame for a productive dialogue about
    science and faith issues. This is my only impression of his arguments and
    approach, so I need to know more.

    I have also spent copious amounts of time developing a seminar to enable the
    members of our body. My goal is to frame the whole evolution debate within
    a framework that begins with God's grace and spirit as encapsulated by 2
    Timothy 2:23 which stresses our role in the debate as ancilliary to God's
    action of leading to repentance, not the primary movers of convincing others
    of our viewpoint. Members of this listserve have already offered useful
    comments and material on and offline. Currently, the leadership of our
    church feels that either I should present my presentation the day before
    Ham's sermon, or the week after. I guess it will be sort of an evolution
    "revival" weekend.

    What I'd like is for anyone to point me to useful resources to help develop
    a more detailed of Ken Ham's approach and responses to his approach that
    have already been made. I don't care to devote my attention to debunking
    YEC, that isn't my goal for several reasons. However, I would like to
    protect the atmosphere of productive communication and try to approach the
    unproductive habits perpetuated by Ham.

    Currently, I feel that the top priorities are to distinguish between the
    facts of science and the interpretation of science. Also stressing creating
    in God's image does not directly imply any mechanistic way of creating in
    God's image, the glory of creation is still glorious with or without
    evolutionary processes, and God's sustaining role verses His active role in
    nature. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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