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From: Steve Petermann (steve@spetermann.org)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 09:48:58 EDT

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    George wrote:
    > Note that I said "quantum mechanics & chaos theory." Both are important
    in this
    > regard & together they cut down Laplacian determinism at the roots. The
    > positions & momenta & the laws of motion determine the future positions
    and momenta.
    > But you can't know both positions and momenta simultaneously to arbitrary

    Sounds right to me.

    I would make the stronger statement that simultaneous position & momenta
    isn't even a
    meaningful concept.

    I'm also beginning to think that we don't really have clue what our words
    mean at these lower levels. I recently heard of an experiment that would
    suggest that as single photon can be in two places at once. Also read the
    water is more like H 1.5 0 where an oxygen atom is entangled with more than
    one hydrogen. I really wonder if we even really know what a quantum process
    are beyond simple experiments with photons or electrons.

    > Of course this doesn't prove that we do have free will. It simply means
    > the arguments against free will based on the unlimited validity of
    classical mechanics
    > fall to the ground.

    Seems to me those arguments against free will based on a LaPlacian view went
    out in the last century. However, to claim that free will might be attained
    because of quantum indeterminacies would have to deal with whether those
    indeterminacies are random or somehow guided. If it is claimed they are
    personally guided how could that occur? My view with regard to religious
    claims that impinge on our scientific understandings is that there should be
    at least some semblance of a reasonable theory to support those claims or
    suggestions. I don't really see one in this case. However, if personal
    freedom is intrinsically linked to divine freedom, it is a highly reasonable

    Steve Petermann

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