Re: Van Till's Ultimate Gap

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 08:35:08 EDT

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    >From: "Terry M. Gray" <>

    > I think that Christian theologizing is
    > profoundly and absolutely dependent on the Biblical text (even if it
    > leads to antinomies, apparent contradictions, and apparent
    > paradoxes).

    I accept that as _your_ definition of "Christian theologizing." Various
    concepts regarding the character and degree of that dependence do, however,
    lead to a remarkable diversity of Christian theologies.

    > That, if anything, is the meaning of the authority and
    > sufficiency of scripture.

    Adding the concept of "authority and sufficiency" serves to select a subset
    of the theologies acknowledged in my comment above. Your theology is in that

    > Show me from a Biblical text argument that my theology
    > is wrong and I will change my theology (at least I hope so).

    I believe you.

    > Theology that goes beyond the Bible is mere speculation.

    Show me a theology that does not contain any speculative elements that go
    beyond what is explicitly stated in the canon. :)



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