Re: Van Till's Ultimate Gap

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 08:09:20 EDT

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    >From: "Glenn Morton" <>

    > So then is our salvation in this universe merely the luck of the draw
    > because in another universe there is Howard the atheist? I am curious how
    > you reconcile salvation (in any religion) with the MWH? Seems to me that the
    > MWH is a religion killer.

    Hi Glenn, a couple of comments.

    1. I would not credit the MWH or any other scientific theory or
    metascientific world-picture with the ability to be a "religion killer."
    Such theorizing may affect the way in which we articulate our religious
    beliefs, but cannot, by itself, annihilate religion categorically.

    2. If there is another universe with sentient, morally-conscious creatures
    in it, _my_ identity would not be affected. Even if there were another such
    creature that was atom for atom identical to me structurally, it would not
    be "me." I have not the slightest concern about there being a duplicate of
    Glenn or Howard in any other universe, certainly not for reasons of
    confusion about our eternal destinies.



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