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Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 05:19:05 EDT

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    Hi Blake,

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    >Seems to me you could just as easily say it is a
    >universalist panacea in that in as many universes you
    >will be saved no matter what religion may be the
    >correct one, because there will be myriad of everyone
    >that are pious adherents to that belief.

    But it makes religion metaphysically meaningless. Let's say religion X is
    the true belief system. In this universe I believe religion X but in other
    universes I don't. My salvation depends upon the accidental fact that I was
    born in this universe, not another. No activity of a Messiah had any thing
    to do with my salvation. And if religion X is capricious religion in which
    people are saved by the whimsy of the god, then the god is a fickle god,
    saving me in this universe, not saving me in another. So, once again, does
    salvation under this scenario have anything to do with the god? I don't
    think so because I am saved in this universe by the accident of birth.

    I would grant that possibly (and I haven't thought this through) that
    reincarnational religions might survive. Why? They tend to believe you do
    it over and over until you get it right. MWH is great for them--lots of
    chances to do it over. :-)

    >So, MWH is far from a religion killer. Ultimately how
    >infinite you or me would be reconciled by a God
    >depends on the conception of God to begin with. You
    >are of course assuming that the myriad of each of us
    >are somehow connected in a way that MWH doesn't
    >postulate, as has been discussed in passing by Howard
    >in the past.
    >Anyway, to repeat the point: since there are an
    >infinite number of everyone who is saved, salvation
    >can as easily be characterized as triumphing under
    >MWH. No religion killer there.

    Only in the most trivial way and without much effort by God.

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