MWH -- a different theological deduction

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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 23:29:04 EDT

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    Seems to me you could just as easily say it is a
    universalist panacea in that in as many universes you
    will be saved no matter what religion may be the
    correct one, because there will be myriad of everyone
    that are pious adherents to that belief.

    So, MWH is far from a religion killer. Ultimately how
    infinite you or me would be reconciled by a God
    depends on the conception of God to begin with. You
    are of course assuming that the myriad of each of us
    are somehow connected in a way that MWH doesn't
    postulate, as has been discussed in passing by Howard
    in the past.

    Anyway, to repeat the point: since there are an
    infinite number of everyone who is saved, salvation
    can as easily be characterized as triumphing under
    MWH. No religion killer there.

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    > I had asked Howard:
    > so, do you
    > >believe in
    > >> MWH?
    > >
    > >Yes, within the limitations of what I said above.
    > Now, Glenn, my hunch is
    > >that this will stimulate a follow-up question from
    > you, right?
    > So then is our salvation in this universe merely the
    > luck of the draw
    > because in another universe there is Howard the
    > atheist? I am curious how
    > you reconcile salvation (in any religion) with the
    > MWH? Seems to me that the
    > MWH is a religion killer.

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