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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 20:39:13 EDT

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    Hi Jan,

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    >Personally, I think, that we cannot think outside the universe we are
    >in. Time stops when we die, and we do not know if there will be "time"
    >when we are resurrected. Time started with the Big Bang. It is
    >created by
    >God. Trying to figure out what was before the Big Bang, or what will
    >happen after our resurrection is a useless business. Let's just stay on
    >the present earth. What we will be we do not know, but we are in
    >God's hand.

    The problem with your approach is that the Higgs field is part and parcel of
    the theory of particle physics. Guth used it to understand the earliest part
    of the Big Bang, so in that sense, this view is 'within' our universe. But
    doing what Guth does, leads to the logical derivation that inflation is
    continuing all the 'time' and indeed, the 'universe' consists of regions of
    space like ours and regions where symmetry breaking has not occurred yet.

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