RE: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Traditional Christian Hermeneutics

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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 15:17:18 EDT

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    I share your Christian faith just as you stated it. The question is, if
    we were to ask Christ, the Creator of all that is, is the continuum real
    or something we think of to describe nature? I think the answer may be
    that given by Kronecker, "I invented the integers and you guys play
    around with the continuum."


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    Moorad wrote:

    >Richard, the exact equations are human
    >constructs----both in the mathematics
    >used and the physical model developed.
    >---never mind the approximations to them.
    >The creative power of man is God granted
    >and there is an infusion of truth in what man
    >creates. God sustains the creation and the
    >shadow of that are our laws of nature.

    This is a debatable point. While it is true that humans "constructed"
    mathematics and the physical model in the natural sense that such are
    products of human efforts, it could simultaneously be true that these
    "constructions" are actually *discoveries* of the patterns God used in
    design of the Universe.

    But I am not dogmatic on this point. Your idea that the equations are
    "shadows" of patterns from an ultimate reality that is not described by
    mathematics seems like it could be true. But this also seems to be a
    point since either situation would yield the same results, namely that
    "constructions" are actually discoveries of the "way things really are"
    some level, whether ultimate or shadow.

    Also, I am and will remain eternally enamoured with the Christian
    of the Logos "through whom all things came to be." This informs my
    here. It is He, the Logos, "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom
    knowledge," that created the Universe. I have every reason to see the
    comprehensibility and discoverability of Natural Laws as a natural
    consequence of the desires, character, and purposes of their Author.
    This is
    one of the great powers and glories of the Christian revelation - it
    the doors of Heaven and makes the comprehensibility of the universe

    In the everlasting Joy of knowing Christ my Saviour,

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